Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hannah has been busily scooting all over the place. Here are some photos from the last few months:

   img_0791  img_0955  img_1085  img_1123  img_1173

She likes to be close to momma or her grandparents:

img_0718  img_0757

She’s developing her literary and musical tastes:

img_0829  img_0919

The backyard is full of fun with swings or the dogs:

img_0988  img_1007

She has discovered Mommy’s accessories and is making her own:

img_1100  img_1102

Hannah knows her way around the kitchen:

img_1290  img_1370

and she’s developing her sense of adventure:

img_1278  img_1345  img_1378

Exciting happenings every week hanging ’round Hannah. We hope you’ll say hi again soon!


1st Birthday

Hannah has just finished celebrating her 1st birthday. Thanks for all your love and prayers. We look forward to a visit with you.



Progression 1:

mo1 mo2 mo3b mo4b mo5b mo6b mo7b mo8b mo9b mo10b mo11b mo12b


Progression 2:

mo3a mo4a mo5a mo6a mo7a mo8a mo9a mo10a mo11a mo12a


See ya later!


All good!!!

Praise God! All good!

FullSizeRender 2

Compliments all around from the hospital staff, as Hannah did perfectly every step. (Compliments to them too, appreciate the work of people who are there every day to do this.) She went down quickly to the anesthesia, MRI performed. She woke up and was soon alert.

Then the neurologist, which was the fastest most wonderful appointment. “All clear,” the nurse said as she walked in the door. The doc came in too, but it was all repetition and clarification. No tethered cord. Cya!

Thanks for your prayers. God bless you this week.



Almost 1 year

Hi everyone… photos of the growing girl to be posted soon, Hannah is almost one year!

Today we’d like to ask for prayer. Hoping for good news tomorrow. Hannah undergoes anesthesia at 7:30am. God bring us smooth sailing. An MRI will hopefully rule out a tethered spinal cord.

What does this mean? Well hopefully a good report means the last we’ll ever hear of it. If it’s tethered, there’ll be surgery. However it comes, we will move forward. We are blessed in so many ways, and we ask for God’s blessing on this as well.



Happy Easter

Another month, another pound, another thumbs up from the cardiologist. While we patiently await a miraculous heart-rebuild that will astound the doctors, for now we’ll gladly take the “looking good” status update from her latest echocardiogram.

1at8   1at8b

Eating is changing in a big way. Hannah has done great with mashed foods, and is beginning to feed herself carrots, cucumbers, avocados, bananas and more. Also good at making a giant mess!


New skills, like going out to eat and playing at the pool.

3eatout   3pool

Loves hanging with her mom, no matter the activity.

4hat   5vacuum

Likes hanging with her dad too.

6withdad   6withdad2

God bless you and yours, have a happy Easter and a great month ahead.

Hannah at 7 months

Well 6 months flew right past, now we’re at 7 and busy as ever.


Hannah has started eating mushed-up foods. She’s ambitious enough to try anything!

2apple   3chair

Some things are good to swallow, some just good to chew on.

5eggface   5meateater

Then we’re on the go go go!

4counter   4car

Almost permanently attached to Mom. Sometimes motherhood is like the first photo. Other times it’s like the next.


As the day winds down Hannah is learning a bedtime routine

6yarn   6toothbrush

Thanks for checking in on us again!

7moscouch   7moscrib

Still appreciate your prayers. We’d love a miraculous new heart. And some healthy weight gain too.